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The German Elberfelder Bible is a widely used german translation of the Bible. The translation is very direct from Hevrew and Greek.

The new testamant was published for the first time in 1855 and the old testament in 1871. After this first publication several revisions followed till the 1905 edition was published. 

The name is linked to the city Elberfeld, where a large part of the translationwork was finished. 

The Elberfelder Bible is a sourcetext oriented translation. Its purpose is to present the original text of the Bible in an unattached way without theological interpretations.  

The Elberfelder Bible is still known as the german Bible translation presented the original text in a reliable way.

This edition of the Elberfelder Bible has been optimised for use as an eBook.

The Bible as an eBook has led Importantia Publishing to develop a very special approach. This approach allows:

  • the text to appear on your reading-device in a pleasant, highly legible form
  • use of a handy navigation system, allowing the reader to promptly find a specific book or chapter within the text

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