Focus Braintrainer with the Bible - Johan Heinen

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Your daily Bible reading guide for a blessed, insightful, and meaningful Bible study

Are you blessed when you read the Bible or is it a struggle? Do you need more insight and focus? In Focus Braintrainer with the Bible, Johan Heinen shows you how to train your brain to read the Bible in a more focused manner.

Each chapter in this helpful guide include ten questions related to the relevant Bible passage. Answering questions is an excellent way to see how much you understand.  Use the guide alongside your Bible and notice how: 

  • You read the Bible more attentively
  • You search and find answers
  • You receive a clear picture of the chapter overview
  • You focus on what each Bible verse says
  • You draw closer to God.

Your Bible reading will lead to greater understanding of God’s message. It becomes more meaningful. You will look forward to be blessed when reading the Bible.

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author Heinen, Johan
type paperback
pages 338
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FOCUS - Braintrainer with the Bible

FOCUS - Braintrainer with the Bible is your Bible Reading Guide to obtain more insight in the message of the Bible. This new tool is now available.

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