When I founded the Importantia engineering firm in 1992, I had no idea that it would become a theological publishing house. During its first years, Importantia concentrated on the digitalisation of texts, including Bibles. Most of these texts found their way onto the Online Bible software library. Gradually, Importantia developed its own digital databases, offering a helpful tool for Bible study and biblical research. An example of this database development are Strong-encoded Bibles in several European languages, as well as their associated lexicons. Importantia was one of the first digital text publishers. Long before the eBook became popular, Importantia had established a solid relationship within the world of electronic book publishing.

In 2000, it was decided to convert these databases into printed publications. Looking at the various technological possibilities, Importantia opted for a new technology: print-on-demand. A book could be individually printed, instead of published in large numbers. Gradually, this technology became more sophisticated, and could be better incorporated into the book trade. Importantia Publishing was born. In 2003, its first eBooks were issued.

It is now 2016, and Importantia Publishing has evolved into a specialised theological publishing house with a particular preference for biblical studies. Content, as it is currently called, is still developed for the Online Bible. Digitalisation still has an important place. Print-on-demand continues to be popular. And many volumes are still being published as eBooks. This website focuses on physical books. When a book is also available on the Online Bible, or as an eBook, this is mentioned, but for the purchase of these electronic publications you will be redirected to Importantia’s partners. In contrast, physical books are available directly from Importantia Publishing. Because all books are produced via print-on-demand, most orders will be shipped directly to you upon production. Importantia Publishing makes use of sophisticated printing techniques, so that when you order, your book will be printed, bound and shipped within just a few short days. It is precisely because we do not have to store stock, and can deliver these print-on-demand books quickly, that we are constantly able to expand our range of specialised theological titles.

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Peter van der Schelde

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