If you are looking for a publisher to publish your book, you can fill in a request form via Importantia Publishing, should your book meet the following conditions:

  • The content of your book is of a sufficiently high theological standard (college/university level)
  • The subject of your book concerns exegesis, Bible commentary, Bible reference, word study, introduction to the Bible/books of the Bible, thematic studies, church history, a theological thesis.
  • You wrote the book in Microsoft Word, and the script has been formatted ​​using paragraphing styles
  • The manuscript is complete as a final draft, all spelling has been checked, and someone with a good command of the English language has checked and edited your script.
  • You are willing to contribute towards the costs involved in making your book available to the public
  • You should also have an established public, or a readership or user group (students, parishioners, students)

Should your manuscript meet the requirements listed above, please send an email to Importantia add outlook.com. Please send your manuscript as an attachment. Your mail should clearly give the following details:

  • Who you are (including contact details)
  • In which way(s) you are involved within church or congregational activities
  • Why you wrote the book
  • A synopsis of your book in not more than 300 words
  • A list of 12 to 15 bullet points describing what is covered in your book
  • How you can collaborate as regards promotion of your book
  • How much you are willing to contribute financially towards the creation of your book

On the basis of this outline, it will be decided whether your manuscript will be read. If it is viewed, you will receive a message telling you whether Importantia Publishing may or may not issue your book.

If your manuscript is rejected, you will receive no reason for this decision. After a manuscript’s rejection, it will not be possible to enter into further discussion.

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