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2018 Online Bible DVD-rom (USA-edition)

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with over 30 English Bible versions, 10 ancient language texts, lexicons, dictionaries, commentaries, study books

  • Includes English Standard Version (ESV), Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB), New King James Version (NKJV),  Revised Standard Version (RSV), Philips New testament, The Message and God's Word to the Nations. 
  • Also included Theological Dictionary of the New Testament.
  • Excellent value-for-money Bible study and research tool.
  • Contains all the free downloads from www.olb-downloads.org and 1400 extra titles
  • For Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
  • Runs also under macOS (with the special OnlineBibleWrapper and/or the special native Online Bible macOS-app)


Online Bible Study DVD-rom is designed for use on Windows and macOS.

The Online Bible DVD contains more than 30 English Bible versions, Lexicons, Bible dictionaries, commentaries and books. Over 1400 titels together in one library for direct access from your desktop computer.

Also included are 10 ancient language texts (Greek, Hebrew, Latin and Syriac), 3 sets of Greek and Hebrew Lexicons, 20 Dictionaries, 45 commentaries and more than 300 Devotional, Theological, Historical and Creationist books and a set of Bible maps.

On an iMac you can use the content of this DVD in two different ways:
1. There is available a special Mac installer (Wine), that will allow you to use all our Windows modules on a computer running Snow Leopard (OSX 10.6), or 2. if you prefer a native Mac application you can import most of the Windows-modules to the special Online Bible macOS-app (with the advanced user-feature*)


Online Bible DVD content:

BibleEnglish Standard Version  
BibleHolman Christian Standard Bible  
BibleNew King James Version  
BibleThe Message  
BibleRevised Standard Version  
BibleGod's Word to the Nations  
Bible1901 American Standard Version  
Bible1769 Authorized Version  
Bible1769 Authorized Version Red Letter Edition  
Bible1965 Bible in Basic English  
BibleCalvin Partial Bible Translation & Comments  
Bible1884 Darby Version  
Bible1865 Diaglot NT  
Bible1899 Douay Rheims Version  
BibleJubilee Bible - Russel Stendal  
Bible21st Century King James Version  
Bible1853 Leeser Old Testament  
BibleLiving Oracles   
BibleTyndale (Rogers, Coverdale) Bible  
Bible1833 Webster Bible  
Bible1912 Weymouth NT Translation  
Bible1936 Williams New Testament  
BibleWilliam TyndaleNew Testament  1525-1526  
Bible1898 Young's Literal Translation  
Bible1851 Murdoch New Testament  
Bible1869 Noyes Translation (Job - Re)  
Bible1885 English Revised Version 
BibleRevised Webster Bible by Larry Pierce  
BibleBen Asher Morphological Hebrew Text  
BibleBen Asher Hebrew Text  
BibleInterlinear Greek New Testament  
Bible1991 Byzantine Majority Greek Text 
Bible1872 Tischendorf Greek NT  
BibleTR 1550 - Textus Receptus Text 
Bible1881 Westcott Hort Greek Text 
BibleLXX Septuagint  
BibleLXXM Analytic Septuagint  
Bible1905 Syriac Peshitta New Testament  
BibleJerome's 405 A.D., Latin Vulgate  
Apocrypha1769 Oxford Apocrypha  
Apocrypha1957 RSV Apocrypha  
ApocryphaLXX Apocrypha  
ApocryphaJerome's Latin Apocrypha  
Apocrypha1899 Douay Rheims Apocrypha  
ApocryphaApocrophal Book of Jasher  
ApocryphaNew Testament Apocrypha  
GreekOnline Bible Greek Lexicon  
GreekNAS Greek - English Lexicon   
GreekStrong's Greek - English Lexicon   
HebrewOnline Bible Hebrew - English Lexicon   
HebrewNAS Hebrew - English Lexicon   
HebrewStrong's Hebrew - English Lexicon   
DictionaryAmerican Tract Society Bible Dictionary  
DictionaryThe Scripture Alphabet of Animals  
DictionaryWord Dictionary for Archaic Words  
DictionaryConcise Bible Dictionary - Morish  
DictionaryCondensed Biblical Cyclopedia  
DictionaryDictionary of Theology  
DictionaryEaston's Revised Bible Dictionary  
DictionaryFausset's Bible Dictionary  
DictionaryGreek Index on Greek-English Lexicon  
DictionaryDefinitions & Symbols from: Two Babylons  
DictionaryHitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary  
DictionaryInternational Standard Bible Encyclopaedia  
DictionaryLatin Vulgate Dictionary  
DictionaryNave's Topical Bible  
DictionaryEnglish Words often Misused  
Dictionary1999 Smith's Revised Bible Dictionary  
DictionaryShaff/Herzog Encyclopedia Biblical Terms  
CommentaryAbbott's Illustrated New Testament  
CommentaryPS, ISA and ACTS by J.A. Alexander  
CommentarySt. Augustine Homilies,Tracts, Expositions  
CommentaryBarnes NT Notes  
CommentarySt. Basil's Homilies on Genesis 1  
CommentaryBengel's commentary on Philemon  
CommentaryA commentary on Leviticus by Bonar  
CommentaryMatthew - Broadus, John A.  
CommentaryCalvin's Commentaries  
CommentaryBible Difficulties by Gleason Archer  
CommentaryEclectic Notes on the Bible - Greenhough  
CommentaryExpositor's Bible Commentary  
CommentaryFamily New Testament Notes  
CommentaryThe Four Fold Gospel  
Commentary1599 Geneva Bible Footnotes  
CommentaryJohn Gill's Expositor  
CommentarySONG OF SOLOMON By John Gill  
CommentaryCommentaries by Charles Hodge  
CommentaryJamieson, Fausset, Brown Commentary  
CommentaryBW Johnson Commentary - Gospel of John  
CommentaryExposition of Genesis - H. C. Leupold D.D.  
CommentaryGa, Php, Col, Phm, 1&2Th,  Ro, 1Co & Eph1  
CommentaryJohn Lightfoot commentaries on the NT  
CommentaryLuther's Commentary on Galatians  
CommentaryRevised Matthew Henry Commentary  
CommentaryMatthew Henry Concise Commentary  
CommentaryNew American Standard Cross References  
CommentaryNewell on Romans  
CommentaryNewell's Commentaries on Rom-Heb-Rev  
CommentaryPink's Gleanings  
CommentaryPink on Hebrews  
CommentaryPeoples New Testament Notes  
CommentaryMatthew Poole's Commentary  
CommentaryCandlish; Bunyan; Ryle & Hodge  
CommentaryRobertson's NT Word Pictures  
CommentaryGospels (1816-1900) - Ryle, J. C.  
Commentary1917 Scofield Reference Bible Notes  
CommentaryVarious Sermon Outlines  
CommentaryPopular Exposition of Matthew  
CommentaryTreasury of David - Charles Spurgeon  
CommentaryJohn Trapp's Commentary  
CommentaryParables & Miracles by our Lord by Trench  
CommentaryWord Studies in the New Testament  
ThemesVerse Theme Index  
XrefsTreasury of Scripture Knowledge  
BookThe New Answer BookAiG 
BookOne BloodAiG 
BookGay MarriageAiG 
BookRevised Quote BookAiG 
BookModern TractsAiG 
BookOn Cleaving to GodAlbert the Great 
BookState of the DeadAlford, Henry 
BookThe Works of J. ArminiusArminius 
BookThe Incarnation of The WordAthanasius 
BookCity of GodAugustine 
BookAugustine Life, Work, Confessions, LettersAugustine 
BookDaily Light of the Daily PathBagster, J. 
BookThe Epistle of BarnabasBarnabas 
BookThe AtonementBarnes, Albert 
BookThe Reformed PastorBaxter, Richard 
BookThe Saints' Everlasting RestBaxter, Richard 
BookSermonsBaxter, Richard 
BookActs (Codex Beazae)  
BookInspiration of ScriptureBoettner, Loraine 
BookThe Reformed FaithBoettner, Loraine 
BookGod's Way of PeaceBonar, Horatius 
BookSermonsBoston, Thomas 
BookThe Crook in the LotBoston, Thomas 
BookPrayerBounds, E. M. 
BookThe Weapon of PrayerBounds, E. M. 
BookWhen the Holy Ghost is ComeBrengl, Col S. L. 
BookThe Practice of the PresenceBrother Lawrence 
BookNT DocumentsBruce, F. F. 
BookTraining of the TwelveBruce, A. B. 
BookThe Appendices to the Companion BibleBullinger, E. W. 
BookHow to Enjoy the BibleBullinger, E. W. 
BookWitness of the StarsBullinger, E. W. 
BookThe Life and Death of Mr. BadmanBunyan, John 
BookLife and Work of ChristBunyan, John 
BookGrace AboundingBunyan, John 
BookThe Holy WarBunyan, John 
BookThe Pharisee and the PublicanBunyan, John 
BookPilgrim's ProgressBunyan, John 
BookAcceptable SacrificeBunyan, John 
BookA Few Sighs from HellBunyan, John 
BookLatin and French Bibliography of CalvinImportantia Publishing 
BookInstitutes of the Christian ReligionCalvin, John 
BookCalvin's Book IntroductionsCalvin, John 
BookObligations of ChristiansCarey, William 
BookTrail of BloodCarroll, Dr. J. M. 
BookSatanChafer, Lewis 
BookThe Superstition of DivorceChesterton, G. K. 
BookHereticsChesterton, G. K. 
BookOrthodoxyChesterton, G. K. 
BookThe Plan of This BookChesterton, G. K. 
BookWhat's Wrong with the WorldChesterton, G. K. 
BookBaptist Church HistoryChilds, Scott 
BookFifty Years in the Church of RomeChiniquy, Charles 
BookBible Studies, Lectures and TractsChristiaanse, D. J. 
BookClavis BiblicaClarke, Adam 
BookAdam Clarke's IndexesClarke, Adam 
BookChristian TheologyClarke, Adam 
Book1 ClementClement 
Book2 ClementClement 
BookDefinitions of DoctrineCole, C. D. 
BookThe Biblical Doctrine of ElectionCole, C. D. 
BookThe Life and Epistles of St PaulConybeare, W. J. 
BookThe Five Points of CalvinismDabney, R. L. 
BookSynopsis of the Books of the BibleDarby, J. N. 
BookLife and Times of Jesus the MessiahEdersheim, Alfred 
BookThe Bible History of Old TestamentEdersheism, Alfred 
BookSketches of Jewish Social LifeEdersheim, Alfred 
BookThe TempleEdersheim, Alfred 
BookFreedom of the WillEdwards, Jonathan 
BookReligious AffectionsEdwards, Jonathan 
BookSermonsEdwards, Jonathan 
BookBook of Enoch  
BookChurch HistoryEusebius 
BookThe Writing of EusebiusEusebius 
BookTypology of ScriptureFairbain, Patrick 
BookJustification by FaithFinney, Charles 
BookSome LecturesFinney, Charles 
BookSeries of Lectures in Outline FormFinney, Charles 
BookLectures to Professing ChristiansFinney, Charles 
BookMemoirs of RevivalFinney, Charles 
BookLectures on Pastoral TheologyFinney, Charles 
BookPower from on HighFinney, Charles 
BookSystematic TheologyFinney, Charles 
BookRevival FireFinney, Charles 
BookRevival LecturesFinney, Charles 
BookSermons on Gospel ThemesFinney, Charles 
BookSermons on Important SubjectsFinney, Charles 
BookSome Selected SermonsFinney, Charles 
BookAn AutobiographyFox, George 
BookFox's Book of MartyrsFox, John 
BookWork of ChristGaebelein, A. C. 
BookDecline and Fall of the Roman EmpireGibbon, Edward 
BookThe Cause of God and TruthGill, John 
BookBody of DivinityGill, John 
BookPrefaces to John Gill's WorksGill, John 
BookSermonsGill, John 
BookThe Doctrine of the TrinityGill, John 
BookHebrew Vowels PointsGill, John 
BookSermonsGoodwin, Thomas 
BookSermonsGriffin, Edward 
BookChristian's Great InterestGuthrie 
BookBriefs: or Addresses in Sermon OutlinesHarris, Reader 
BookWhy Won't They ListenHam, Ken 
BookThe LieHam, Ken 
BookI Want the EarthHannigan, Larry 
BookHistory of the Church of GodHassell 
BookThe Heidelberg Catechism  
BookThe Two BabylonsHislop, Alexander 
BookEssays and ReviewsHodge, Charles 
BookSystematic TheologyHodge, Charles 
BookOutlines of TheologyHodge, A. A. 
BookHymnal for the with Words and MusicErnie Spelman 
BookA History of the English BaptistIvimey, J. 
BookPrefaces to the VulgateJerome 
BookRevised Works of JosephusJosephus 
BookThe School of CalvaryJowett, Dr. J. H. 
BookImitations of ChristKempis, Thomas a 
BookTheologia GermanicaKingsley, Charles 
BookMany Thoughts of Many MindsKlopsch 
BookKoran Topical Material  
BookThe Way to Divine KnowledgeLaw, William 
BookOf Justification of Faith and WorksLaw, William 
BookA Serious Call To A Devout And Holy LifeLaw, William 
BookGrounds And Reasons Of RegenerationLaw, William 
BookThe Spirit Of LoveLaw, William 
BookAn Appeal To All Who DoubtLaw, William 
BookA Demonstration of the ErrorsLaw, William 
BookThe London Baptist Confession of Faith  
BookThe DidacheLightfoot, J. B. 
BookThe Legends of the JewsLouis Ginzberg 
BookCommentary on GalatiansLuther, Martin 
BookLarge CatechismLuther, Martin 
BookRomansLuther, Martin 
BookThe Life and Works of MacDonaldMacDonald 
BookThe Deity of ChristMachen, J. Gresham 
BookChristian Faith in the Modern WorldMachen, J. Gresham 
BookChristianity & LiberalismMachen, J. Gresham 
BookThe Virgin Birth of ChristMachen, J. Gresham 
BookSelected WorksMackintosh, C. H. 
BookSermonsMaclaren, Alexander 
BookSermonsManton, Thomas 
BookMaps & Charts  
BookSeventy Weeks and the Great TribulationMauro, Philip 
BookEvolution at the BarMauro, Philip 
BookThe Gospel of the KingdomMauro, Philip 
BookThe Hope of IsraelMauro, Philip 
BookA Study of the King James VersionMcAfee, Cleveland Boyd 
BookA Guide to Bible StudyMcGarvey, J.W. 
BookClass Notes on Sacred HistoryMcGarvey, J.W. 
BookSermonsM'Cheyne, Robert Murray 
BookBible LandsMcGarvey, J. W. 
BookJesus and JonahMcGarvey, J. W. 
BookEclectic Reader PrimerMcGuffy 
BookFirst Eclectic ReaderMcGuffy 
BookSecond Eclectic ReaderMcGuffy 
BookThird Eclectic ReaderMcGuffy 
BookFourth Eclectic ReaderMcGuffy 
BookFifth Eclectic ReaderMcGuffy 
BookSixth Eclectic ReaderMcGuffy 
BookThe Way into HolinessMeyer, F. B. 
BookThe Secret of GuidanceMeyer, F. B. 
BookNote Prefaces  
BookAtonement Sufficiency ExaminedMink, O. B. 
BookHeavenMoody, D. L. 
BookThe Secret PowerMoody, D. L. 
BookPrevailing Prayer: What hinders it?Moody, D. L. 
Book10 CommandmentsMoody, D. L. 
BookWay To GodMoody, D. L. 
BookQuestions & Answers on Bible and ScienceMorris, Dr. Henry 
BookThe Young EarthMorris, Dr. John 
BookOutlines of Christian DoctrineMoule, HCG 
BookThe Deeper Christian LifeMurray, Andrew 
BookDivine HealingMurray, Andrew 
BookThe Master's IndwellingMurray, Andrew 
BookHelps to IntercessionMurray, Andrew 
BookThe Lord's TableMurray, Andrew 
BookSchool of ObedienceMurray, Andrew 
BookStudies on PrayerMurray, Andrew 
BookWith Christ in the School of PrayerMurray, Andrew 
BookAbsolute SurrenderMurray, Andrew 
BookThe True VineMurray, Andrew 
BookThe Two CovenantsMurray, Andrew 
BookWorking for GodMurray, Andrew 
BookEssays on MarriageNeed, Ovid 
BookAntidote to ArminianismNess, Christopher 
BookDaniel and Revelation CommentaryNewton, Issac 
BookThe Only DefenseNoe, John 
BookRevelation ArticlesOgden, Arthur M. 
BookBible Prefaces  
BookCatechisms and Confessions of Faith  
BookJeanne d’Arc Her Life and DeathOliphant 
BookHistory of CanadaOntario Dept. of Education
BookOntario Reader PrimerOntario Dept. of Education
BookOntario Reader 1Ontario Dept. of Education
BookOntario Reader 2Ontario Dept. of Education
BookOntario Reader 3Ontario Dept. of Education
BookOntario Reader 4Ontario Dept. of Education
BookOntario Reader 5Ontario Dept. of Education
BookOntario Reader 5 by GageOntario Dept. of Education
BookOn PrayerOrigen 
BookCases of ConscienceOwen, John 
BookDuty of a PastorOwen, John 
BookEvidences of the Faith of God's ElectOwen, John 
BookThe Glory of ChristOwen, John 
BookGospel CharityOwen, John 
BookGospel CharityOwen, John 
BookWorship of GodOwen, John 
BookOf Communion With GodOwen, John 
BookDoctrine of The TrinityOwen, John 
BookChristologiaOwen, John 
BookExposition On Psalm 130Owen, John 
BookA Vindication of Some PassagesOwen, John 
BookTwo Short CatechismsOwen, John 
BookOn Remarriage After DivorceOwen, John 
BookJustification by FaithOwen, John 
BookMortification of Sin in BelieversOwen, John 
BookSermonsOwen, John 
BookThe Enticement of Indwelling SinOwen, John 
BookTemptationOwen, John 
BookFacts of LifeParker, Gary 
BookComplete WorkPhilo 
BookSermonsPhilpot, J. C. 
BookEssays on ChronologyPierce, Larry 
BookThe Attributes of GodPink, A. W. 
BookThe BeatitudesPink, A. W. 
BookThe Christian SabathPink, A. W. 
BookComfort for ChristiansPink, A. W. 
BookThe Life of DavidPink, A. W. 
BookDispensationalismPink, A. W. 
BookDivine Healing: Is it Spiritual?Pink, A. W. 
BookThe Doctrine of RevelationPink, A. W. 
BookThe Doctrine of ElectionPink, A. W. 
BookEternal PunishmentPink, A. W. 
BookEternal SecurityPink, A. W. 
BookSaving FaithPink, A. W. 
BookGleanings in PaulPink, A. W. 
BookGleanings in the GodheadPink, A. W. 
BookThe Holy SpiritPink, A. W. 
BookThe Divine Inspiration of the BiblePink, A. W. 
BookInterpretation of the ScripturesPink, A. W. 
BookThe Doctrine of JustificationPink, A. W. 
BookThe Law and the SaintPink, A. W. 
BookThe Life of FaithPink, A. W. 
BookThe Lord's PrayerPink, A. W. 
BookThe Prophetic Parable of Mt 13Pink, A. W. 
BookProfiting from the Word of GodPink, A. W. 
BookRegeneration or the New BirthPink, A. W. 
BookThe Doctrine of SanctificationPink, A. W. 
BookSatisfaction of ChristPink, A. W. 
BookAn Exposition of the Sermon on the MountPink, A. W. 
BookSeven Sayings from the CrossPink, A. W. 
BookSovereignty of GodPink, A. W. 
BookSpiritual GrowthPink, A. W. 
BookMan's Spiritual ImpotancePink, A. W. 
BookTen CommandmentsPink, A. W. 
BookTithingPink, A. W. 
BookThe Total Depravity of ManPink, A. W. 
BookWhy Four GospelsPink, A. W. 
BookPeople's NT Book IntroductionsJohnson, B. W. 
BookDon't Call it Worship Unless...Pontier, Arthur 
BookBible Studies by Acts 17:11Porter, Mick 
BookCan God Tell Time?Preston, Don, K. 
BookArchaeology of Old TestamentPritchard, James 
Book1650 Scotish Psalter  
BookQueensland Fifth ReaderQueensland Department of Education
BookThe Letters to the Seven ChurchesRamsay, W. M. 
BookPaul the Traveler & Roman CitizenRamsay, W. M. 
BookThe Blood of JesusReid, Rev William 
BookSketches of Church HistoryRobertson, Rev. J. C. 
BookWord Pictures' PrefacesRobertson, A. T. 
BookThe ParousiaRussell, James 
BookThe Duties of ParentsRyle, J. C. 
BookHolinessRyle, J. C. 
BookPractical ReligionRyle, J. C. 
BookTracts and SermonsRyle, J. C. 
BookWarnings to the ChurchesRyle, J. C. 
BookThe Divine Art of Soul WinningSanders, J. O. 
BookRefuting CompromiseSarfati, Jonathan 
BookRefuting Evolution Vol 1Sarfati, Jonathan 
BookRefuting Evolution Vol 2Sarfati, Jonathan 
BookHistory of the Christian ChurchSchaff 
BookNonsuch ProfessorSecker, William 
BookThe Doctrine on HellShedd, William 
BookHomileticsShedd, William 
BookSermons to the Natural ManShedd, William 
BookPastoral TheologyShedd, William 
BookIn His StepsSheldon, Charles 
BookThe Shepherd of Hermas  
BookUnmasking Pre-Trib FallaciesSimmons, Larry 
BookPreparation for the Lord's SupperSnaddon, Dan 
BookCommenting on CommentariesSpurgeon, C. H. 
BookSelections from AutobiographySpurgeon, C. H. 
BookDeath of the ChristianSpurgeon, C. H. 
BookFaith's CheckbookSpurgeon, C. H. 
BookFarm SermonsSpurgeon, C. H. 
BookThe Greatest Fight in the WorldSpurgeon, C. H. 
BookAll of GraceSpurgeon, C. H. 
BookJohn Ploughman's TalkSpurgeon, C. H. 
BookLectures to My StudentsSpurgeon, C. H. 
BookMorning and EveningSpurgeon, C. H. 
BookThe Soul-WinnerSpurgeon, C. H. 
BookTill He ComesSpurgeon, C. H. 
BookAround the Wicket GateSpurgeon, C. H. 
BookWhat Happened in AD 70Stevens, Edward 
BookSermonsSunday, Billy 
BookCommentary on RevelationTaylor, Elder Charles 
BookOn PrayerTertullian 
BookVerse ThemesLarry Pierce 
BookThe Life of Dr. John OwenThompson, Andrew 
BookThe Primitive TeacherThompson, G. M. 
BookRevival SermonsTorrey, R. A. 
BookNew Topical Text BookTorrey, R. A. 
BookVest Pocket CompanionTorrey, R. A. 
BookWhy I believe the Bible is the Word of GodTorrey, R. A. 
BookPreface and Index to Trapp's CommentaryTrapp, John 
BookStrange FireTravers and Jewel van der Merwe
BookTabernacle of IsraelTyler, Chris 
BookThe Mercies of a Covenant GodJohn Warburton 
BookSelected WorksWarfield, B. B. 
BookBeatitudes: Exposition of Mt 5:1-12Watson, Thomas 
BookThe Body of DivinityWatson, Thomas 
BookSermonsWatson, Thomas 
BookJournalsWesley, John 
BookA Token for ChildrenWesley, John 
BookSermonsWesley, John 
BookThe Westminster Confession of Faith  
BookPrefaces to the Weymouth N.T.Weymouth 
BookSermonsWhitefield, George 
BookLord Teach Us To PrayWhyte, Alexander 
BookStones and BonesWieland, Dr. Carl 
BookFaith that PrevailsWigglesworth, Smith 
BookManners and Customs of Bible LandsWight, Fred 
BookThe ABC's of Biblical ArchaeologyWilson, Dr. Clifford 
BookThoughts on PrayerWindridge, F. 
BookThe History of ProtestantismWylie, J. A. 
BookPapacyWylie, J. A. 
BookPrefaces - Living OraclesOwen, John 
KoranKoran by Abdullah Yusuf AliWilliam Brown 
KoranKoran by Pickthal  
KoranKoran by Shakir  
KoranKoran by Yusuf Ali 

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