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Importantia Scan & Print makes older titles newly available.

Importantia Scan & Print titles consist of physical books which we can scan and print in the required numbers. The titles available via this method come from Importantia’s library and are often only available for sale via the second hand market.

How does it work?    
Scanned books are not suitable for production. Firstly, the scan needs to be tidied up and every page must be correctly repositioned. We then add a soft binding and cover (paperback).

In principle, every scanned book can be reproduced as a physical volume. However, author’s rights mean this is not always possible. We have either arranged for rights to the books offered on this site, or the books are of an age where third party rights have since expired. 

Delivery time
If one of our titles has been previously scanned and printed, delivery times will be shorter. Should your order involve a title which has not yet been printed, delivery times will be longer as the scans will need to be prepared for printing. 

All books receive a basic clean up, which means that some pages may contain marks and notes from a previous owner. It is possible to remove many of these, but at an extra charge. This is not always necessary, as some original books are of relatively good print quality.

When a book has an ISBN, there has been more demand for it and it will be available for wider distribution through bookstores.  

Larger quantities and special requests 
Should you require more than 10 printed copies of one particular book, please ask us for a special price. If you are looking for a title not listed on this site, feel free to contact us; it is possible that this title is a part of our library and therefore available. You may also contact us as regards special requests.

FOCUS - Braintrainer with the Bible

FOCUS - Braintrainer with the Bible is your Bible Reading Guide to obtain more insight in the message of the Bible. This new tool is now available.

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